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High Resolution
VGA or DVI Graphics
with Video, STANAG, DVI, and
RGB Digitizers
Dual Channel Outputs

Rastergraf's FalconPMC is a display controller and video capture PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) board. The card is designed for use under Windows XP-10 and Linux (using Rastergraf's SDL or XFree86) operating environments. It is also supported on VxWorks 5.5/5.6 (using SDL).

The FalconPMC features a Silicon Motion SM768 System On a Chip (SOC) graphics accelerator with 256 Mbytes of on-chip DDR3. This 128-bit 2D graphics engine supports compatible displays at up to full HD (1920x1080).

The FalconPMC features the Conexant Bt835 NTSC/PAL/S-Video and Analog Devices AD9882 High Speed RGB/DVI digitizers. STANAG 3350 A-C input signals can be captured through the AD9882. A loopback can connect Video Output to Input for self-testing.

Rastergraf’s user-configurable I/O Resource Matrix maximizes I/O flexibility, enabling most functions to be connected to either the front or rear panel. Please contact Rastergraf for more information.

FalconPMC Build Versions

The FalconPMC signals provided on its front panel or PMC Pn4 I/O connector are as follows.


VGA Ch 1

VGA Ch 2

DVI Ch 1

DVI Ch 2

Video Encoder

Video/RGBHV In


* Front/rear access user selectable

Connector Usage

The FalconPMC can be built to support either 2 VGA connectors or one DVI connector plus an SDR 50 I/O connector. Note that the Falcon SDR 50 I/O connector is not the same as that used on the Topaz, which uses an MDR 20.

/D, /2
2x VGA

DVI-I + SDR 50


Although not a conduction cooled design, the FalconPMC is laid out in a Conduction Cooled PMC (CCPMC) compatible format with Primary and Secondary Thermal Interface area for easy use in all environments.

Pn4 (PMC) rear-panel I/O connector access is supported. Pn4 sgnals can be accessed via a standard PMC PIM (PMC I/O Module) connector.

Using a FalconPMC optional configuration, the on-board SM768's built-in ARM CPU can be used to provide Built-In Self Test (BIST) and real-time monitoring of most FalconPMC functions. Monitoring is implemented using I2C/SMbus, JTAG, voltage, and temperature. Reporting is done via LEDs and USB.

Rastergraf's support philosophy recognizes the lead-in and life-cycle requirements expected by the embedded computing market.


The FalconPIM (PMC I/O Module) is used with the FalconPMC.

The FalconPIM can be built to support either 2 VGA connectors or one DVI connector plus an SDR 50 connector.

2x VGA

DVI-I + SDR 50


It is used with a compatible Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VME, CompactPCI, or OpenVPX.





Available Q1 2019



  • Silicon Motion SM768 128-bit 2D graphics controller
  • Display is programmable for 8, 16, or 24 bits/pixel
  • Hardware scroll, pan, and zoom
  • Hardware cursor
  • Video memory is 256 MB SGRAM
  • Non-Interlaced Analog (RGB) resolution up to full HD (1920x1080)
  • 2xVGA (RGBHV), Sync-On-Green (SOG) and Composite Sync
  • Alternative 2xDVI up to 1600x1200
  • VGA BIOS support
  • Optional Multi-input Video Digitizer
  • Simultaneous real-time video capture, synthetic overlay, and display
  • Selectable NTSC, PAL, RS-170, S-Video, RGBHV, STANAG A-C, and DVI capture
  • Thermal sensor allows monitoring of board temperature
  • PCI compliant, 32-bit, 33/66 MHz capable
  • Front Panel and/or PMC Pn4 Rear Panel I/O
  • On-chip CPU provides comprehensive BIST support
  • Extensive I2C/SMbus and JTAG-based diagnostics
  • Thermal sensors monitor board temperatures
  • Mostly compatible with and replaces the Rastergraf TopazPMC
  • Comprehensive software support
  • SDL Subroutine Library includes video capture and Built-In Self Test modules
  • Accelerated X Server and Xv video input extensions
  • Windows XP-10 drivers including accelerated DirectX
  • Operating System Compatibility
  • Linux x86 and PowerPC (SDL, X)
  • Companion to FalconXMC


Download FalconPMC Datasheet

Request FalconPMC Manual

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