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Industry Leading Graphics Hardware

Rastergraf offers a range of PMC and XMC graphics mezzanine boards for embedded applications.

Software Support

Rastergraf offers software support for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks environments.


Microsoft Windows support includes both graphics and video capture applications.


Rastergraf supports X Windows applications on Linux (x86/PPC) using the x.org-based servers.

OpenGL on VxWorks, Linux, and Windows

OpenGL support is built into the Windows drivers and Linux X Server supplied by AMD. This software can be downloaded from AMD.

There is a third-party OpenGL graphics package available on recent versions of VxWorks. Click on the following links to access the drivers for Merlin and Agate.

SDL on VxWorks and Linux

Rastergraf can support its SDL package on VxWorks and Linux, but only for the TopazPMC. Due the complexity of the E8860 and E4690 graphics chips, it isn't practical to support SDL on any of the other boards on any OS.


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