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Until recently, Rastergraf was strictly a supplier of "trailing edge technology" display, capture/display, and PMC carrier boards for the embedded computing industry. With the introduction of the MerlinPXC, MerlinMTX, and AgatePXC, as well as PIMs for efficiently supporting Rear I/O applications and the PMF-E and redesigned PMX-P and PME-P carrier boards, this has now changed. 

Our graphics controllers include support for PMC and XMC expansion slots commonly found on VME, OpenVPX, and CompactPCI (CPCI) computers. Our operating system support includes Linux, Windows, and VxWorks.

Using in-house technology and software, Rastergraf products continue to deliver reliable COTS high performance graphics in a multitude of applications deployed in the aviation, defense, medical and industrial environments.


Rastergraf, Inc. is a privately owned small business. It was formed in August 2003 from the remaining assets of Peritek Corporation that were not acquired by Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC). These assets included the Raster Graphics, Inc. VME and PMC product lines originally acquired by Peritek in 2001. Thus, Rastergraf has deep roots in the embedded markets that it serves both in terms of products and experience. All of its employees have been associated with the organization or its predecessors for many years. Staff includes key production and engineering personnel responsible for the design and manufacture of the Peritek product lines.

Other Business Activities

Through a series of agreements made in 2008, Rastergraf became the exclusive supplier for production, warranty, repair, and support services for all former Peritek products except for the AtlasPMC. Most of these products have now been moved to End of Life status (see Rastergraf News).

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