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February 1, 2019

Rastergraf announced the permanent closure of its Redmond, OR facility.

For all inquiries, please contact:

Rastergraf, Inc.
7145 Marlborough Terrace
Berkeley, CA  94705
(510) 849-4801

In connection with this closure, the availability of most of Rastergraf's products will be limited to stock on hand or special builds of MPQ 25. Please contact sales@rastergraf.com for more information.

August 8, 2018

Rastergraf announced the introduction of several new products, including:

FalconPMC         Available Q22019: PMC and XMC versions. The recommended
FalconXMC         replacement for the TopazPMC, the Falcon is updated with
                         the new SiliconMotion SM768 graphics chip, adding local uC-
                         controlled self-test, video in and out, expands display
                         capabilites to dual VGA and DVI, and includes Windows 10
                         and Linux support.

FalconPIM          a PIM for breaking out the rear I/O on the Falcon;

PMF-E                an XMC/PMC to PCIe carrier with rear I/O access using a
                         PIM. Available TBD;

PFX-PIM             a general purpose PIM for breaking out the rear I/O on the
                         PMF-E. Available TBD;


Important End-of-Life Notice

An End-of-Life (EOL) notice was announced for all ex-Raster Graphics products and many Rastergraf-supported CWCEC (formerly Peritek) graphics boards in July 2013.

This includes Eclipse3PMC/PCI/CPCI, SirenaPMC, ArgusPMC, GeminiPMC, TopazPMC, TroposPMC, StratusPMC, GarnetPMC, DurosPMC, and PMB-C. Also, the RG-101, RG-740, RG-741, RG-750, and RG-751.

Limited support and repair service will continue to be available for most of the discontinued products. Please contact Rastergraf for assistance.

The PMA-C, PMA-P, and PMB-P carrier boards will continue to be available.

For more information, please contact Rastergraf at sales@rastergraf.com


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