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PMC/XMC Graphics

PMC Carriers

PMC I/O Module (PIM) for
the Falcon Graphics Boards


Available Q1 2019

  • PIM Breakout for FalconPMC and FalconXMC
  • 2x VGA connectors (option 1V)
  • DVI-I + SDR 50 I/O connectors (option 2)
  • Alternate VME P2-style breakout


Download FalconXMC Datasheet

Download FalconPMC Datasheet

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The FalconPIM (PMC I/O Module) is used with the FalconPMC and FalconXMC.

It is used with a compatible Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VME, CompactPCI, or OpenVPX.

 PIM Build Version

The FalconPIM can be built to support either 2 VGA connectors or one DVI connector plus an SDR 50 I/O connector.

/D, /2
2x VGA

DVI-I + SDR 50


FalconPIM Signal Access

The FalconPIM signals are provided on its front panel are as follows:


VGA Ch 1

VGA Ch 2

DVI Ch 1

DVI Ch 2

Video Encoder

√ *

Video/RGBHV In

√ *


√ *

* not available on Falcon[PMC or XMC]/D

 VME P2-Style I/O Connector

An alternate I/O breakout is available via a VME P2 style 96-pin DIN 41612 connector.

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