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High Resolution
VGA or DVI Graphics
with Video, STANAG, DVI, and
RGB Digitizers
Dual Channel Outputs

Rastergraf's FalconXMC is a display controller and video capture XMC (PCIe Mezzanine Card) board. The card is designed for use under Windows XP-10 and Linux (using Rastergraf's SDL or XFree86) operating environments. It is also supported on VxWorks 5.5/5.6 (using SDL).

The FalconXMC features a Silicon Motion SM768 System On a Chip (SOC) graphics accelerator with 256 Mbytes of on-chip DDR3. This 128-bit 2D graphics engine supports compatible displays at up to full HD (1920x1080).

The FalconXMC features the Conexant Bt835 NTSC/PAL/S-Video and Analog Devices AD9882 High Speed RGB/DVI digitizers. STANAG 3350 A-C input signals can be captured through the AD9882. A loopback can connect Video Output to Input for self-testing.

Rastergraf’s user-configurable I/O Resource Matrix maximizes I/O flexibility, enabling most functions to be connected to either the front or rear panel.

FalconXMC Build Versions

The FalconXMC signals are available via user-selectable options on either the front panel or PMC Pn4 I/O connector. Signal sets are as follows:


VGA Ch 1

VGA Ch 2

DVI Ch 1

DVI Ch 2

Video Encoder

Video/RGBHV In


* Front/rear access user selectable

Connector Usage

The FalconXMC can be built to support either 2 VGA connectors or one DVI connector plus an SDR 50 I/O connector. Note that the Falcon SDR 50 I/O connector is not the same as that used on the Topaz, which uses an MDR 20.

/D, /2
2x VGA

DVI-I + SDR 50


Although not a conduction cooled design, the FalconPMC is laid out in a Conduction Cooled PMC (CCPMC) compatible format with Primary and Secondary Thermal Interface area for easy use in all environments.

Pn4 (PMC) rear-panel I/O connector access is supported. Pn4 sgnals can be accessed via a standard PMC PIM (PMC I/O Module) connector.

Using a FalconXMC optional configuration, the on-board SM768's built-in ARM CPU can be used to provide Built-In Self Test (BIST) and real-time monitoring of most FalconXMC functions. Monitoring is implemented using I2C/SMbus, JTAG, voltage, and temperature. Reporting is done via LEDs and USB.

Rastergraf's support philosophy recognizes the lead-in and life-cycle requirements expected by the embedded computing market.


The FalconPIM (PMC I/O Module) is used with the FalconXMC.

The FalconPIM can be built to support either 2 VGA connectors or one DVI connector plus an SDR 50 connector.

2x VGA

DVI-I + SDR 50


It is used with a compatible Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VME, CompactPCI, or OpenVPX.





Available Q1 2019



  • Silicon Motion SM768 128-bit 2D graphics controller
  • Display is programmable for 8, 16, or 24 bits/pixel
  • Hardware scroll, pan, and zoom
  • Hardware cursor
  • Video memory is 256 MB SGRAM
  • Non-Interlaced Analog (RGB) resolution up to full HD (1920x1080)
  • 2xVGA (RGBHV), Sync-On-Green (SOG) and Composite Sync
  • Alternative 2xDVI up to 1600x1200
  • VGA BIOS support
  • Optional Multi-input Video Digitizer
  • Simultaneous real-time video capture, synthetic overlay, and display
  • Selectable NTSC, PAL, RS-170, S-Video, RGBHV, STANAG A-C, and DVI capture
  • Thermal sensor allows monitoring of board temperature
  • XMC/PCIe 2.0 compliant, x1 or x2
  • Front Panel and/or PMC Pn4 Rear Panel I/O
  • On-chip CPU provides comprehensive BIST support
  • Extensive I2C/SMbus and JTAG-based diagnostics
  • Thermal sensors monitor board temperatures
  • Mostly compatible with and replaces the Rastergraf TopazPMC in new XMC-based applications
  • Comprehensive software support
  • SDL Subroutine Library includes video capture and Built-In Self Test modules
  • WindML including video input extensions
  • Accelerated X Server and Xv video input extensions
  • Windows XP-10 drivers including accelerated DirectX
  • Operating System Compatibility
  • Linux x86 and PowerPC (SDL, X)
  • Companion to FalconPMC


Download FalconXMC Datasheet

Request FalconXMC Manual

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