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Standard Drawing Library
Rastergraf's Standard Drawing Library (SDL) is a scalable C graphics library designed for use with real-time and non-real-time operating systems. SDL is small, compact, ROMable, and offers device independent graphics functions for board level and embedded systems applications. You can get an idea of what SDL can do for you by running the SDL Demo.

SDL is easy to use and provides a complete set of graphics primitives. These graphics primitives can be extended by adding utility functions for specialized graphics tasks.

SDL is written in ANSI C and is supplied in library format, which means that its target code size can be controlled by limiting the number of functions used in a given application. SDL has been designed to run on any CPU and operating system that uses linear addressing and that is supported by an ANSI C compiler and linker.

SDL is used in conjunction with the WindML driver.

Supported Rastergraf Boards:

Supported Operating Systems:

  • VxWorks on PowerPC and x86
  • Linux on x86

Supported CPU Boards:

SDL is (or can be made) compatible with most PowerPC and x86 based VME, VPX, and CompactPCI boards. Please contact Rastergraf for assistance in determining compatibility with your system.

Feature Summary
  • Written in ANSI C
  • Full Featured and Easy to Use
  • Scalable, ROMable, and Minimal RAM usage
  • Solid (thin and wide) and Dashed Lines and Rectangles
  • Circles, Ellipses, and Arcs
  • Filled Circles, Chords, Sectors, and Polygons
    Solid and Pattern Fills
  • Pixel Processing
    Proportional and Fixed Width Fonts
  • Clipping Rectangle and Logical Origin
  • Screen to Screen and Host to Screen Image Copy
  • Mouse and Keyboard Support
  • Video Capture Extensions


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