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Software Support

Initial Delivery

Rastergraf offers an hour of technical support to get the software running. During this time, Rastergraf's technical support staff will provide assistance as necessary.

It is assumed that the user has experience with the operating system under which he/she will be using Rastergraf's software, as well as with compiling C code, and with the X Window System (if appropriate).

It is not within the scope of our support to teach OS skills or Xx11 client concepts. Rastergraf staff is able to assist only in the setup and understanding of the software and hardware during this startup period.

Such support does not include assistance in writing application code. To this end, the software distributions include tested example code using various features of the hardware and software. We offer extended support to assist with applications, write special subroutines or server extensions, or test new concepts which are customer-specific. Such support must be scheduled in advance, and is billed on an hourly rate at $200/hour (US). To initiate such support, a purchase order is required for the planned number of hours.

If you have technical questions regarding Rastergraf software, please send e-mail to support@rastergraf.com.

Software Updates

Rastergraf will make available online patches, updates and FAQs to its drivers, programming libraries, and X11 servers as needed. Please visit the Downloads page to see what is available. Rastergraf recommends checking this page occasionally.


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