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PMC-to-PCI Adapter Board with On-board PCI Bridge 


  • 32 and 64-bit PCI Bus compatibility
  • operates at 33 and 66 MHz
  • Test Points and Power LEDs
  • Optional VME P2 connector
  • PCI/PMC JTAG port connector
  • On-board PCI bridge
  • Full 64-bit data path to on-board bridge
  • Full 64-bit data path from bridge to PMC connectors
  • Asynchronous operations at up to 2.5:1 clock speed differential


Download PMB-P Datasheet

Download PMB-P Manual


The PMB-P is a high performance, active PMC-to-PCI adapter board. This single slot PCI board enables any 32-bit or 64-bit PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) module to be plugged into a standard PCI slot. It provides the full 64-bit interconnect both between the PCI  connector and the bridge and between the bridge and the PMC connector set.

While form and fit compatible with Rastergraf’s PMA-P adapter board, the PMB-P features an on-board PLX PCI6154 PCI bridge that provides extended capabilities including operation at 66 MHz and asynchronous operations at up to a 2.5:1 clock speed differential.

The board supports a flexible set of operating modes including local 33 or 66 MHz independent of the host bus, local 32-bit or 64-bit operation, and local clock slaved to the host PCI Clock. Jumpers allow the user to select the operation mode.

To aid in debugging, the PMB-P has Test Point pins and LED indicators for BUSMODE1, +12V, -12V, +5V, +3.3V and VIO. It also has a connector for the JTAG port. PMC Index Pin holes are provided for both 3.3V and 5V PMC signaling pins so that the PMB-P can be configured for either bus environment.

An optional VME P2-type connector can be included which “breaks out” the User I/O signals on the PMC Pn4 connector. The PMB-P provides optional local 3.3V generation because many PCI bus machines do not supply it.

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