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PMC/XMC Graphics


PMC I/O Module (PIM) for
the MerlinMTX/DVC
2xDVI + Capture
Graphics Board


  • PIM Breakout for MerlinMTX/DVC
  • Dual DVI connectors
  • Provides access to optional capture ports
  • Alternate VME P2-style breakout
  • ESD TVS protection diodes on all signals


MerlinMTX Datasheet

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The MerlinMTX-PIM (PMC I/O Module) is used with the MerlinMTX/DVC, which is the 2xDVI + Capture version.

It is used with a compatible Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VME, CompactPCI, or OpenVPX.

Only PMC Pn4 (PMC) rear-panel I/O connector access is supported. Pn4 sgnals can be accessed via a standard PMC connector. All signals are clamped by high-speed ESD TVS protection diodes.

The PIM provides easy access to the two DVI ports and optional video capture ports on the MerlinMTX/DVC.

The J011X1 DVI connector is wired as a DVI-I port. It has the optional capture inputs wired to the VGA pins of the

Using an Aurora Multimedia/West Penn Wire CA0021-1 (or equivalent) DVI-I to DVI-D/BNC splitter as shown below, you can access all of the signals provided by the MerlinMTX/DVC.


VME P2-Style I/O Connector

An alternate I/O breakout is available via a VME P2 style 96-pin DIN 41612 connector.


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